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Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is what democracy looks like (farm style)

For nearly three weeks, my state has been embroiled in bitter political battles. There have been nearly continuous protests and rallies at the state capitol in support of workers' right to collectively bargain.

Evidently, the protest has also arrived in the hen house at Red Bucket Farm.

For months my hens have dutifully laid their eggs in the clean nest boxes provided in the safety zone at the far corner of the hen house. Suddenly, the girls have decided they need new working conditions. They're laying eggs in the danger zone at the top of the ladder, where their eggs might roll out of the hen house. This is also directly beneath the roost, where it gets soiled nightly. Rosie the Red Star and Hyacinth the Easter Egger are in solidarity about this. Wisteria prefers her extra large nest.

Since I'm trying to listen to the needs of the workers, I moved a nest box into their preferred corner. It's about compromise, right? Rosie approved the new working conditions by laying a large brown egg there this morning. I've baited the safety zone nest boxes with golf balls, hoping the girls will take the hint. But as long as the protest continues, I'll clean the danger zone nest carefully and hope to keep the workers happy.

This is what democracy looks like. On the farm, anyway.

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