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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Locked in the Shed!

This is Daisy. She's a Delaware (a heritage breed), and she gives us plenty of beautiful, brown eggs. She's also curious and friendly. We've learned that when Daisy pecks at our feet, it means she wants a little extra attention. Not many chickens ask to be hugged, but Daisy does.

This morning, Daisy's natural curiosity got her into a bit of a bind. She hopped into the sunshine shed around 7 am when food containers were being set out for the day. Daisy is very food motivated and knows where the mother lode is stored. Unfortunately, the door was shut with Daisy on the wrong side, and she went unnoticed in the early morning rush. A couple hours later I went back to clean out the coop and discovered her missing. Once released from the darkness of the shed, Daisy raced to the nest boxes, where she set a record for the fastest laying of an egg. Then she settled in to concentrate on food and water.

It reminded us of a similar event many years ago when our cat Figaro went missing for 24 hours. We discovered him in between the walls of the house behind the access door to the plumbing stack. Once released, Figaro made a bee-line to the litter box; he had not soiled his secret hiding place.

So I guess curiosity can kill a cat, or even a chicken. Luckily, our events have not been disastrous. Animals are curious and funny, but I don't think Daisy will figure out the cause-and-effect of jumping into the sunshine shed. We'll keep an eye out for her now.

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