Red Bucket Farm is an urban farm on a quarter acre property in an average residential neighborhood. We are located in Wisconsin, USDA Zone 5. We focus on chickens, bees, orchard fruit, and raised garden beds for fruits and veggies. We hope to reduce our footprint on the planet by growing some of our food, reducing our use of fossil fuels, and gardening with sustainable practices. Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moving the Greenhouse

On Saturday we moved the greenhouse to a sunnier location. The aluminum frame greenhouse with polycarbonate panels isn't very heavy, so carrying it intact wasn't as difficult as anticipated. After removing the plastic shelving units and all the plants and seedlings, we unscrewed the greenhouse from its 4x4 wooden base and attached it to 2x4s for carrying up the hill. Next we carried up the wooden base itself and set it on the lawn.

Preparing the new site was most time consuming and labor intensive. We leveled a site with concrete blocks. In the photo above, you can see the kids in the background bringing up the blocks from the old site.

Once the bricks were in place, we transferred the gravel flooring from the old site to the new, using a wheelbarrow and old fashioned elbow grease.

Finally, we placed the 4x4 wood foundation on the bricks and reattached the greenhouse. I was surprised how quickly this project transpired---just a morning's work, less time than assembling the greenhouse when we first built it.

The new location is significantly more sunny than before, and will help extend the growing season in spring and fall. Also, it's closer to the house and more convenient for retrieving fresh herbs when I'm making dinner. We're happy with this improvement to our urban farm.

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