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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Banished Hen Update

During the month of February, we experienced some trauma in our backyard flock. Hyacinth the Easter Egger was being bullied by Delphinium the Dominique (a traditional American breed). You can read the full account at my March 2, 2011 blog posting called "Happy Chickens Lay More Eggs." The end result was that Delphinium moved away from our farm and found a new home at a nearby hobby farm. We were sad to see her go, but it was in the best interest of the flock.

I confess that I was worried about Delphinium's safety. Her new farm in the country isn't as secure as our urban farm, and I wondered if Delphinium would get taken by hawks, owls, coons, or simply a passing automobile.  Fortunately, we get regular updates about her and the news is good.

Delphinium has been roosting safely in a tree at night. For a few weeks she laid eggs wherever she wanted, which meant that the coons were enjoying her work. Lately, she's taken to laying eggs in the seat of the lawn tractor, where the new owners can readily gather eggs. She hangs out on the front porch of the farmhouse and greets her new owners when they arrive home. She even visited the neighboring farm while they were lambing a week or two ago.

Until yesterday, Delphinium has been the only chicken on her hobby farm, but now she has become a flockmate to twelve new pullets (almost mature hens). It will be interesting to learn how well she integrates into a new flock. We're hoping that Delphinium will continue to have a good life in the country.

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