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Monday, May 16, 2011

Crowded in the Greenhouse

Our small unheated greenhouse is proving to be a wonderful gardening tool. Today it is so crowded with seedlings and potted plants that I can barely step inside to water. I'm ready to begin setting plants into the raised beds outdoors, but the weather still isn't cooperating and we're expecting frost again tonight. The greenhouse has become a holding zone until we can plant outdoors.
The biggest challenge in the greenhouse is maintaining acceptable temperatures. On a sunny day, it can easily reach 100 degrees in there, far too warm for my little seedlings. I raise the roof vent in the morning and open the sliding door to allow air exchange. By late afternoon I'm closing it again to retain heat through the night. Also, my 30 gallon water storage (black plastic garbage can) absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night. I'll remove this in another month, but for now it helps moderate temperatures.

If you haven't space for a green house, a cold frame can also help raise seedlings. With a little imagination you can fashion these small garden structures from recycled items. This is my first spring with the greenhouse. I'm so grateful to have it!

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