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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raised Garden Beds

The weather is finally cooperating! I've started setting out seedlings into the garden beds. This morning I planted the Brussels sprouts and later this evening I hope to plant the tomatoes.

Most of my garden beds are raised beds. The advantages are many. For me, the main advantage is knowing where not to step. Walking on garden beds compacts the soil, reducing the tiny spaces for air and water, and ultimately restricting root growth.

Raised beds also offer more efficient use of space. They're much easier to weed and mulch. And it's slightly easier on my back, too.

My first four raised beds were 4x8 feet, which was an efficient use of lumber. I found it a little difficult to reach into the center of these beds, so the new beds added this spring are 3x12 feet. Our raised beds are simply a wooden frame resting on the ground. We call it a custom gravity mount. (Yes, that's my attempt at humor.) Keep the construction simple.  

Building raised beds might be slightly more labor-intensive than traditional ground-level beds, but the installation is long lasting and well worth the trouble. I recommend it!

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