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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rosie's Day Off

Rosie did not lay an egg today. She's taking a well-deserved day off. Rosie's last vacation day was February 1, a full five months ago. Since she began laying eggs (on Sept 22, 2010) she's given us 280 eggs and taken seven days vacation. That's one hard working chicken. By comparison, Hyacinth has produced 171 eggs, and Wisteria a mere 140 eggs. All three hens were hatched the same day in May 2010.

There are good reasons for Rosie to take a day off this week. First, she's molting, which takes a lot of energy. Her chest is bare right down to chicken skin and she looks a little unsightly. (The photo above is from a few months ago.) Second, the weather has been hot with very high humidity. Have you ever seen a chicken pant? Finally, she has to tolerate the pullets and teach them the ways of the flock.

Today was pleasant and Rosie seemed relaxed. The chicks are understanding their place in the flock. And tomorrow morning around 6am, Rosie will give me another large brown egg. Thanks, Rosie!

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