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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Banished Hen Update #2

In March I wrote a blog called "Happy Chickens Lay More Eggs" in which I described our mid-winter chicken drama. Delphinium the Dominique, pictured above, was bullying Hyacinth the Easter Egger. We feared that Delphinium would kill Hyacinth, so we found Delphinium a new home in the country on Kim's hobby farm.

In early April I wrote the first "Banished Hen Update" describing Delphinium's adjustment to life on the hobby farm. She had just been joined by a dozen four-month old pullets. We were waiting to see how she was enjoying life with new sisters.

Never fear. Delphinium is still queen of the flock. Her twelve new sisters are taking marching orders quite nicely. Recently, Delphinium has decided to move to the farm across the highway and she's taken some of her friends with her. Delphinium's leadership qualities are increasingly evident as the neighboring farm has a flock of 100 chickens.

Kim has escorted Delphinium and her sisters home again, only to find that Delphinium marches right back to the large flock. Even the neighboring farmer has declared, "That's one bossy chicken!"

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