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Monday, June 27, 2011

Farm Haiku

For our family vacation a few years ago, we took a driving trip from Wisconsin to Niagara Falls, camping at state and provincial parks along the way. When we got bored on the long drive, we began writing poetry that we called camping haiku. For some reason which was hilarious at the time, we ended every poem with "pancakes for breakfast."

In order to keep my teenager's brain from turning to mush over the summer, we've started writing farm haiku. Anybody can write haiku. The first line is five syllables, the second line is seven syllables, and the third line is back to five syllables. So here we go. Keep your sense of humor with you.

Chickens like to scratch
They eat grubs and other things
Bees buzzing around

Big dog chasing chicks
Chicks go flying and squawking
Bees buzzing around

Snap peas shimmer green
Strawberries glowing bright red
Bees buzzing around

Baby wrens chirping
Laundry swaying in the breeze
Bees buzzing around

Currants growing wild
Gooseberries unproductive
Bees buzzing around

Herbs in the greenhouse
Plants growing in the garden
Bees buzzing around

Fresh jam in kitchen
Chickens playing in sand bath
Bees buzzing around

Hum growing louder
Bees forming a basketball
Bees swarming around

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