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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reel Mowers

When we lived in our cozy house on a small property, mowing the lawn with an old fashioned reel mower was a no-brainer. But when we moved to our current lot, a quarter acre seemed like an awful lot of grass to mow.

We've never even wanted a gas-powered mower, nor have we ever wanted a snow-blower, weed whacker or leaf blower. I read that those small gas powered engines create more air pollution than our automobiles. Besides, we hate the noise.

So we purchased a Black & Decker electric mower for our larger lawn. It worked great for two years and was not repairable, so we returned to our old reel mower. I'll admit this has been difficult, but we are stubborn and refused to give in to gas dependent tools.

This spring we got a new reel mower made by Fiskars. It was $230 at the local hardware store and my mowing crew seems to like it. It's easier to push, cuts evenly, and trims cleanly. The mower has four settings to determine grass length, and we're keeping the grass longer to help discourage weeds.

We recommend reel mowing!

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