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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daisy's Leg Injury

Daisy is injured! She's our Delaware hen, just over four months old. The Delaware breed is a heritage breed known for laying lots of big, brown eggs. In fact, I've been expecting her to start laying eggs any time now. We have high hopes for Daisy and we've been looking forward to what she can bring to the flock.

Unfortunately, she's clearly favoring her left leg, limping slowly around the chicken yard. After thinking about it, I realize that she's been laying down lately, quietly observing the other girls while resting in a corner. One of the kids remembers seeing her hop like a kangaroo yesterday.

The good news is that Daisy is still eating and drinking. She's not panting any more than the rest of the chickens in the summer heat, and she doesn't seem uncomfortable while resting. The other girls haven't noticed her injury and they aren't picking on her. We'll monitor the situation carefully and hope for a quick recovery.

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