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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Growing Squash

We've never grown squash at Red Bucket Farm. We have limited space on our urban farm and squash plants have a reputation of growing very large and sprawly. Besides, squash are relatively cheap to buy at the grocery store, so we've not been motivated to grow our own until now.

My interest in growing squash began with butternut squash, which we ate regularly last winter. Butternut squash store well, so I started Waltham butternut squash by seeds in the spring, just four small peat pots. Today I'm enjoying their ample presence in the gardens. It's true that they refuse to stay neatly in the raised beds, but I like their diva attitude, their gigantic leaves, and their profuse growth patterns. It seems like the squash fruits grow about an inch every day. At least they're not pouting like the tomatoes!

I also planted one "Butterstick" summer squash in a corner of a raised bed, and one pattypan summer squash in a large container. The pattypan squash looks like flying saucers. It's nice to have a few summer squash for immediate eating, and it's fun to watch the winter squash progress so quickly on the vines. I'll certainly plan to grow squash again next year. (Tomatoes are on the "maybe" list.)

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