Red Bucket Farm is an urban farm on a quarter acre property in an average residential neighborhood. We are located in Wisconsin, USDA Zone 5. We focus on chickens, bees, orchard fruit, and raised garden beds for fruits and veggies. We hope to reduce our footprint on the planet by growing some of our food, reducing our use of fossil fuels, and gardening with sustainable practices. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Madame Farmer

Over the years, I've introduced myself to strangers in various ways. For many years, I was always the bassoon player, and many people still identify me that way. When I was married, I became somebody's wife. After I became a parent, I would introduce myself to school teachers and other parents as my kids' mom. Occasionally I would be known as the quilt lady or perhaps a seamstress.

Yesterday was the first time I introduced myself as an urban farmer. We attended a community event where we knew few people. Some neighbors were in attendance, but nobody that we knew very well. As I shook hands and greeted others, I reminded them that I'm the crazy chicken and garden lady. Faces lit up with understanding as they smiled and nodded at me. Oh, yeah, we know the crazy chicken and garden lady. We just don't recognize her without the baseball cap and gardening gloves.

I guess if I have to be identified with something, it's not a bad thing to be the crazy chicken and garden lady. Urban farmer sounds more authoritative, but whatever you choose to call it, I'm happy to be known for growing real food and caring for the earth.


  1. Read back through your blog to catch up. I'm doing so many things you are - strawberries, rasp, tomatoes, sunflowers. I wish I had blueberries and bees. Interesting to read how your crops are growing.

  2. Thanks for checking in, Marianna. At the end of the season I'll be taking inventory and deciding what is worth planting again, what to change. In spite of the challenges, it is overall fulfilling. Take care and keep gardening! ~ Cindy